Vineyards on terraced craters.
Pedara, Mount Etna, Sicily

Monte Trigona

Wineyards upon small craters on Southern Etna

Monte Trigona vineyards are located on two adjoining craters on the southern slope of Etna, about 8 km from the city of Catania and the Ionian Sea.

The south-east part of Etna has a high density of lateral craters. Especially around the villages Pedara and Trecastagni, in an area of 30 km2, between 500 and 800 meters above sea level, there are about 10 craters that have been the perfect slope for viticulture for many centuries untill today. Monte Ilice, Monte Gorna, Monte Serra, Monte San Nicolò, Monterosso and Monte Troina - to name a few - are home to reknown wineries as well as vineyards managed by locals that aim to produce wine for themselves, family and friends.

Monte Trigona is located most southern of this group of wine craters. Trigona consists of two vulcanic cones with three recognizable summits. In fact, its name in Sicilian dialect is 'tri cona' and means threecones. Both craters have a plateau on top perfect for wine growing: maximum exposure on the perfect height about 500 asl. Here the views are stunning. Right in front of huge Mount Etna and sea views in the other directions.

The idea behind the wine

The wines of Monte Trigona are produced from old Nerello Mascalese sapling vines that climb from the plateau to the top of the three extinct craters.

A cottage crowns the hill

the Hermitage of Etna...

An old cottage with a terrace, a well and a stone bench admires its estate.
On one side Mt Etna rise up to the sky. On the other the sea stretches from Calabria to the coast of Syracuse.

Experience Monte Trigona

Be delighted by the nature of Mount Etna and by its products

Wine Tasting
Wine Tasting

Wine made of old bush vines from the vineyards upon the Trigona craters. Pure wine, without sulfite or any other additions.


Climb to the top of the craters, walk through the woods, enter the lava cave, taste our wines and pick peaches from the trees.

Vineyard at sunset
Sunset Dinner

Al fresco dining at sunset. Available from May until September, starts around 9pm.

An over 4000-year History

  • Monte Trigona was born from a prehistoric eruptive fissure in the south-east side of Etna. The original cone formed about 500 meters above sea level, and 8 km from Aci Trezza where Etna originated with the first submarine eruptions 500,000 years ago.
  • With the Plinian eruption of 122 BC, in Roman times - which damaged the city of Catania - Monte Trigona was covered by 40 cm of pyroclastic material.
  • In 1408 a lava flow surrounded the mountain. The town of Viagrande with its surrounding countryside was then founded on this flow.
  • When in 1638 a 'palmento' - a building for the vinification of wine - was completed at the foot of the mountain, the story of Monte Trigona became offically intertwined with that of its wine.

    The construction of a cooper - a place for the storage of wine - and of two manor houses up to about 700 square meters soon followed.
  • Today Monte Trigona has about twenty terraces built to contain soil erosion.

The seasons
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